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Body Surface Area Calculator
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Body Surface Area Calculator

The body surface area calculator below calculates the overall surface area of a human body (BSA). Because direct measurement of BSA is challenging, various formulae that estimate BSA have been published. Some of the most common formulae may be found in the calculator.
Because BSA is a more accurate predictor of metabolic mass (the body’s requirement for energy), it is often employed in clinical settings instead of bodyweight. Because body fat is not metabolically active, the metabolic mass may be approximated as fat-free mass.
BSA is utilized in a variety of therapeutic situations, including calculating cardiac index (which compares a person’s heart function to their body size) and chemotherapy doses (a category of cancer treatment). While BSA is often used to estimate chemotherapy dose, there are concerns against using BSA to determine pharmaceutical dosages with a narrow therapeutic index – the ratio of the quantity of a substance required to provide a therapeutic effect to the amount required to induce toxicity.
The BSA calculator makes calculating your body surface area (BSA) simple. BSA is the exterior surface area of the human body expressed in square meters. BSA is a more reliable measure of metabolism than bodyweight, thus knowing how to calculate it will come in handy in medicine and physiology. This is why many physicians use the BSA formula in their prescriptions.

Here are the formulas:

Du Bois: BSA = 0.007184 * weight0.425 * height0.725
Haycock: BSA = 0.024265 * weight0.5378 * height0.3964
Gehan and George: BSA = 0.51456 * weight * height042246
Fujimoto: BSA = 0.008883 * weight0.444 * height0.663
Takahira: BSA = 0.007241 * weight0.425 * height0.725
Shuter and Aslani: BSA = 0.00949 * weight0.441 * height0.655
Schlich (women): BSA = 0.000975482 * weight0.46 * height1.08
Schlich (men): BSA = 0.000579479 * weight0.38 * height1.24
Calculating your body surface area, on the other hand, may just be of interest to you. According to scientists, the whole human circulatory system is more than twice as long as the diameter of the Earth if stretched out. If you know how to calculate BSA, you can figure out how many square meters your body’s surface area would cover if unravelle and laid out. We hope you find this entertaining rather than morbid.

What is the purpose of using this body surface area calculator?

Fortunately, you won’t have to calculate your BSA on your own. Using the body surface area calculator will save you time and effort. If you were in a flat place, you could use this tool to determine the size of your body. The calculator is easy to use and just takes a few seconds if you already know your height and weight.
Knowing how to compute your BSA, it turns out, may provide information about your health that other measurements can’t. Your body surface area, for example, is a predictor of coronary artery calcium, which is a major medical risk. This distinguishes BSA from body mass index, which, although useful for determining your overall health status based on weight, is unable to predict this condition.

How to Work Out BSA?

Using our BSA calculator is the simplest method to determine your body surface area. To answer the equation, all you need is your weight and height. You will instantly obtain a result after entering these two values.

Take a look at our prior example:

Weight in kilograms (kg): 60
170 cm in height
Your body surface area is about 1.69 square meters based on these values.
It’s useful to know the typical BSA values if you’re planning to calculate your BSA. They are separated into age and gender groups.

The average surface area of the body for:

0.25 m2 for infants
0.5m2 for children under the age of two
1.14m2 for ten-year-olds
Women: 1.6m²
Men: 1.9m²

Other factors to consider

If you’re interested in learning more about various body dimensions, check out our BMI calculator, which you can access through the link above. This is a tool that may help you determine whether or not your weight is within a healthy range. The surface area calculator is another calculator that you could find handy.
It’s worth mentioning that, although BSA is a strong indication of metabolic rate, it’s not without its detractors. The most crucial use is in determining the dose of drugs with a little margin for error, such as chemotherapy.