Interest Calculator

Interest Calculator
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What is Mcalculator for calculating simple interest?

  • Interest is the compensation paid to the lender by the borrower for a percentage or quantity of money.
  • In addition to fixed principal amounts, our simple interest calculator can help compute interest payments and final balances and additional periodic contributions. Optional factors such as interest, income tax and inflation can also be considered.
  • There are two different cumulative interest methods, classified into a simple interest or compound interest.

What is the Compound Interest?

  • In simple terms compound interest means the interest on interest. So, when the principal includes the interest accrued in prior periods and is calculated on this basis, the principal declares that the interest is compound.
  • If your investment earns compound interest, it grows without further deposits. You can increase the deposits so that the compound interest becomes more effective.

What is the Simple Interest?

  • Simple interest is interest calculated on the principal portion of a loan or the original contribution to a savings account.
  • Simple interest does not compound, meaning that an account holder will only gain interest on the principal, and a borrower will never have to pay interest on interest already accrued.

What is the formula for calculation of Simple Interest?

  • The simple interest calculator uses the mathematical formula:

A = P (1+rt)
Where P = Principal Amount, R = Rate of Interest, T = Number of years, A = Total accrued amount (Both principal and the interest).

  • Interest is calculated by the following formula:

Interest = A – P.

  • Let's get an example of the functioning of the simple interest calculator. The principal amount is $10,000, the interest rate is 10%, and the number of years is six. The simple interest can be calculated as:

A = 10,000 (1+0.1*6) = $16,000.
Interest = A – P = 16000 – 10000 = $6,000.

How to Make Use of the Mcalculator’s Simple Interest Calculator?

When you follow these straightforward steps, it is easy to use the Mcalculator.

Step 1:

Enter the following:

  • The amount of the principal loan you wish to obtain (dollars)
  • The interest rate (percentage)
  • Time (years)

Step 2:

To make changes to the values in the simple interest calculator form, you can input them directly into the necessary areas supplied above.

Step 3:

Simple Interest calculator will recalculate your investment payment amount as soon as the values are entered and ‘calculate’ is clicked.

Advantages of using the Simple Interest Calculator from Mcalculator

  • Simple to use
  • Clear to comprehend
  • Quick to run
  • Use of colourful charts and instantaneous results