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ROI Calculator
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What is meant by ROI?

  • The return on investment, or ROI, measures how much you get from your investments. It helps you choose the right investment option.
  • Anyone can evaluate the asset based on your financial goals, risk tolerance, and other factors. You can also assess the cost of your investment to find hidden fees that could reduce your returns.
  • The return on investment is often expressed in percentages. The return on investment, in simple terms, is a financial ratio that allows you to compare the benefits and costs of your investment.

How to calculate ROI?

  • You can use the ROI formula to calculate your return on investment. It is the sum of net profit and investment cost.
  • If you are an investor, it will show you how profitable your assets are. Investment returns are the amount you earn through mutual funds. A positive or negative return on investment is possible. You can lose money if the return on investment is low. Pick an investment that offers the highest return over some time.

How do ROI Calculators work?

  • It is important to understand the differences between absolute and annualized returns on investment. The formula for calculating absolute returns is (The end price of the investment - Initial investment value)/ Initial investment value. You can convert the percentage return to a percentage by multiplying 100.
  • The absolute return is a measure of the performance of the stock exchange for shorter periods than one year.
  • For example, if you start with Rs 25,000 and it has grown to Rs. 30,000. The absolute return can be calculated as: 30,000-25,000/25,000 = 20%.
  • Annualized return on investment is used to calculate the investment's performance over different holding periods. The annualized return on investment can be calculated using the following formula: End value - Beginning value/Beginning value * 100 * (equal to the holding period).
  • For example, if you bought a house in January 2010, it would have been worth Rs 30 lakh and was sold for Rs 50 lakh in Jan 2020. The initial investment value is Rs 30 lakh, and the final investment value is Rs 50 lakh. The investment was held for five consecutive years. The holding period is five years. Annualized Return = 50,00,000 - 30,00,000 / 30,00,000 * 100 * (1/5) Annualized Return = 13.33%. Annualized Return = 50,00,000 - 30,00,000 / 30,00,000.000 * 100
  • 365/number of days held by the investment.
  • 12 / Investment period in Months.
  • 1 / The holding period of the investment is in years.

How to Make Use of the Mcalculator’s ROI Calculator?

When you follow these straightforward steps, it is easy to use the Mcalculator.
Step 1:
Enter the following:

  • The amount invested
  • The amount returned
  • The investment length

Step 2:
To make changes to the values in the ROI calculator form, you can input them directly into the necessary areas supplied above.

Step 3:
The ROI calculator will recalculate your investment gain, ROI, annualized ROI and Investment length as soon as the values are entered and ‘calculate’ is clicked.

Advantages of using the ROI Calculator from Mcalculator

  • MCalculator ROI Calculator displays the absolute and annualized returns on your investment. You can calculate the return on your investment for different periods.
  • This calculator will help you choose the best investment based on your financial goals and risk tolerance.
  • This calculator will help you choose the best mutual funds by comparing their performance over different periods.
  • You can use the benchmark to measure the value of an investment.
  • It is possible to compare the profit and the cost of an investment.


Q. What does the MCalculator ROI Calculator do for you?

Ans: MCalculator ROI Calculator allows you to compare different investments over various holding periods. We can use the benchmark to compare the return on the investment. You can compare the performance of large-cap funds against the Nifty. It helps you to choose the right project for your company. It is possible to calculate the return on your real estate investments.

Q. Is MCalculator ROI Calculator easy to use?

Ans: MCalculator’s ROI Calculator is easy to use and can be used in the privacy of your own home. Enter the holding period and initial and final investment values. This calculator will show you both the absolute and annualized returns on your investment. You can use Mcalculator to calculate the return on investment for stock, mutual fund, fixed-income investments, real estate deals, and marketing campaigns.